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Prono VfL BOCHUM contre VfB Stuttgart du 09/04/2023 : misez sur les statistiques !

Shock in Bundesliga as VfL BOCHUM prepare to take on VfB Stuttgart on 09/04/2023

All eyes will be on the banks of the Rhine as VfL BOCHUM and VfB Stuttgart come face to face on April 9th, 2023 for a much-anticipated match. With just weeks to go before the event, the bookies have been busy crunching the numbers and there is a lot to play for. For those interested in putting their money where their mouth is, here’s our analysis of the best bets and how to approach this game.

The Teams

  • VfL BOCHUM: Currently 13th in the Bundesliga with 31 points
  • VfB Stuttgart: Currently 9th in the Bundesliga with 34 points

It’s clear that the odds are stacked against VfL Bochum. Stuttgart has been performing relatively well in their recent matches and are sitting three places above Bochum in the league table. But, as we all know, anything can happen on the day.

The Bets

So, what are the odds looking like? Here are the best probabilities of success and the corresponding odds:

  • VfL BOCHUM wins the match: Probability of success: 34.57%, Odds: 2.80
  • Match ends in a draw: Probability of success: 26.54%, Odds: 3.55
  • VfB Stuttgart wins the match: Probability of success: 38.89%, Odds: 2.43
  • Over 1.5 goals in the match: Probability of success: 77.16%, Odds: 1.30
  • Over 2.5 goals in the match: Probability of success: 47.53%, Odds: 1.90

It’s clear that the smart money would be on betting for over 1.5 goals being scored in the match, with a success probability of 77.16%. Similarly, the odds of 1.30 make it a relatively safe bet. For those looking for a slightly riskier option, the odds of VfB Stuttgart winning the match are relatively attractive at 2.43.


Based on our analysis, here’s our recommendation for betting on the match between VfL Bochum and VfB Stuttgart:

  • Bet on over 1.5 goals being scored in the match with a stake of X
  • If you’re feeling lucky, consider betting on VfB Stuttgart winning with a stake of X

Remember, the world of sports is unpredictable, and anything can happen on the day. So, as always, bet responsibly and only gamble with money that you can afford to lose.

Suivez le pronostic VfL BOCHUM VfB Stuttgart et optimisez votre pari sportif !